Shanshui New Product Intelligent Health Bracelet H2

2024-06-29 16:48 Company News


The latest upgraded second-generation intelligent health bracelet H2 from Shanshui is available on Tmall at a 30% discount for only 158 yuan. If you buy it, you can get a genuine Shanshui mobile power supply as a gift. The quantity is limited, first come, first served. The new generation of Shanshui Health Smart Bracelet H2 features a classic and minimalist European and American style design, top-notch high-tech content, imported high-quality materials, and comprehensive practical health functions, bringing stunning joy to many friends who love health and smart bracelets. The debut of Shanshui H2 Tmall is only 30% off, with a discounted price of 158 yuan. If you are interested, you can click on the brand's Juhuasuan promotion for limited edition purchases. Currently, thousands of interested buyers have participated in the Juhuasuan limited edition promotion, and the opportunity cannot be missed.
Since the launch of the first generation smart bracelet boutique H1, Shanshui has received high praise and repeated purchases from tens of thousands of users. Shanshui H1 has offered many users a cost-effective shopping experience with an industry impossible ultra-low affordable price of 99 yuan. The flagship boutique of the second generation smart bracelet Shanshui H2 has emerged, with more breakthroughs and surpasses in functionality and design. The 30% discount of only 158 yuan on Tmall will once again cause a healthy smart bracelet storm across the entire network.
The Shanshui H2 Health Smart Bracelet focuses on reflecting the concept of healthy living and sports, with constantly enriching product functionality and upgrading technological content. High quality healthy materials are selected, and the powerful waterproof design injects more vitality into the Shanshui H2 smartphone, providing users with a comprehensive and personalized health and sports manager. IPX7 waterproof design with a minimalist European and American style
The Shanshui H2 Health Wearable Bracelet has an IPX7 level super strong waterproof ability, and the waterproof technology level meets the Japanese JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) level 7 standard. It can ensure that water does not enter the water for a long time at a depth of 1 meter underwater. For friends who love swimming, it is definitely a must-have new favorite to wear.
In terms of exterior design, the Shanshui H2 continues its consistent exquisite and minimalist design, simplifying complexity and showcasing the international style of a big brand. The full European and American style is more upscale, whether it is worn by oneself or as a gift for friends, family, and colleagues, it is definitely grand and upscale. The Shanshui H2 has three bright colors: colorful pink, elegant black, and sapphire blue, which are suitable for different groups of friends to wear.

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