Corporate Vision:
Continuously introducing excellent technical talents, continuously investing in research and development, maintaining a leading position in segmented technical fields, building first-class teams, producing first-class products, and ultimately building Yaxiong Yibang into a first-class enterprise of global digital application product brands.
We know that striving to achieve this goal is like climbing a peak, the journey is steep and dangerous. Today, as we are preparing to reach this peak in the first time, we must use a pragmatic attitude to overcome obstacles and continuously solve the difficulties we encounter on the road ahead.
We firmly believe that:
In the face of difficulties and pressure, unity is strength!
Yaxiong Yibang can continue to develop steadily for one hundred, two hundred years, and become a "truly excellent global enterprise".
For the happiness of humanity and the prosperity of the world, Yaxiong Yibang not only needs to cultivate technologies that are beneficial to future society, but also always needs to balance career and environmental protection, and contribute to social development!
Choice determines life, dreams make the future!